Thrills Casino is investing in BankID

Since the launch of their Swedish site, Thrills has actively worked to live up to Swedish players’ expectations. Therefore, the opportunity to play without an account is now a given part of their business.

Lately, it has become increasingly obvious that agility is something that casino players value higher than anything else. But it’s not just about the gameplay experience itself being smooth, but also being able to get started on a whole problem. Thrills has chosen to meet these expectations by making its entire site account-free. As a player you never have to register. On the contrary, it’s just getting started and playing right away. This has been made possible by Thrills fully supporting BankID for identification at both login and deposit.

But what happens if you have an account before? Then you can simply link your previous account with your BankID. This way you never even have to think about remembering username or password. Play faster and on your own terms. This is something that has been very much appreciated by Swedish players. According to the Gaming Inspection, it is precisely the safety and security that players are now most valued. And the ability to use BankID is an extremely important part of meeting players’ expectations when it comes to smooth, fast, secure and modern gaming experiences. In this regard, Thrills is definitely a market-leading trendsetter.

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